Homelink Finance joins Mortgage Access

exciting news

Mortgage Access is excited to announce that Homelink Finance has now amalgamated with them as the owner Tina, has decided to retire. After spending over 22+ years as a mortgage broker, Tina wanted to make sure all her clients would be taken care of and this is why she chose Mortgage Access, owned by Tammy Hooper, to take over.

Tammy, has also been in the industry for over 22+ years and is part of the same aggregation group – Q Advisors, which is accredited with all the same mainstream bank and non-bank lenders. Like Tina, Tammy is also a property investor and has a wealth of experience so Tina knew that all her existing clients would be well looked after.

New website

If you have been referred to Homelink Finances and are confused by seeing Mortgage Access details, this is not because of some internet gremlin – we are here to help with any Financial help you may need.

The future

Tammy would also like to take this opportunity to wish Tina and Matthew of Homelink Finance, all the best with their future endeavours and is happy to chat to any of Homelink Finances clients – just give us a call!

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